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    13 Best Coffee Shops in Austin – As Recommended by Locals

    by Kieran | Last Updated: June 1, 2022

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    Whether you’re living in Austin or just passing through you’ll want to get a great coffee while you’re there.

    This is why we created this list of the best coffee shops in Austin as voted for by you. Read through, try one out, and if you liked it come back and vote for it so other people can try it too!

    Bennu Coffee has been a staple of the local Austin Coffee shop scene since 2009.  A true “mom and pop shop,” owners Steve and Stephanie Williams have since expanded Bennu to three locations all operating 24/7 pre-pandemic with hopes of returning to full operating hours company-wide soon. In addition to late-night hours, Bennu is known for our renowned cold brew coffee (Steve Williams co-founded the national brand Chameleon Cold-Brew right here in Austin), commitment to organic and Fair Trade coffee, our literary-themed mocha menu, and our sense of community and “old Austin” vibe. 

    All of our locations are large with plenty of seating both indoors and out.  In addition to a sizable and very customizable coffee menu, we offer a variety of food, including vegan options, from other local Austin vendors like Taco Mex, Hoboken Pie, and Tamale Addiction.  Bennu Coffee does not host events or live music.  We want you to rest assured that you can visit us anytime, 24/7, and know what to expect: an inviting space to connect with a friend, to study or get work done, to curl up with a good book, or even to share a table with a stranger. 

    We are lovers of coffee and community and being that “third space” for so many people is truly an honor.

    Bennu Coffee – East

    2001 E. MLK Jr. Blvd

    Austin, TX  78702

    Open 6am – 9pm


    Bennu Coffee – Congress

    515 S. Congress Ave. Suite 108

    Austin, TX  78704

    Open 6am – 9pm


    Bennu Coffee – Highland

    109 Jacob Fontaine Lane, Suite 600

    Austin, TX  78752

    Open 24 hours 

    Located in the Brentwood neighborhood in Austin, Texas, Brentwood Social House is a female-owned and led community cafe that seeks to connect, commune, and nourish.
    Consciously or unconsciously we all seek connection. I opened Brentwood Social House in 2016 because I believe the world needs more places to experience connection and love.
    We believe a community space can embody:
    • Connectedness with the community, each other, and ourselves
    • Potential in every human being
    • Humanity, compassion, kindness, and understanding for all
    • Respect by treating others how we want to be treated
    • Equality by seeing ourselves in others
    • Equity by listening, hearing, learning, growing, supporting, and advocating for marginalized individuals or groups
    We are committed to supporting our community and living our values. We’re using our standing in the community as a platform to educate (each other and ourselves) and inform around social injustices, show our support as an ally to those who are disenfranchised, and to collaborate with other local businesses and individuals to build strength in our neighborhood.
    We fulfill our mission by serving superb, locally-roasted coffee and teas, house-made European baked goods, and savory meals to those seeking a quiet spot for meetings, a relaxing cup of coffee with a friend, or fun neighborhood events in a family-friendly (check out our indoor family room and outdoor playscape!), welcoming gathering space. 
    Brentwood Social House
    1601 W. Koenig Lane
    Austin, Texas 78756

    Emerald Tavern first opened in 2013 with the goal of providing a comfortable, fun, and friendly environment in which to provide our customers a great café experience with a full range of espresso drinks while they browse and play the latest in hobby and board games, to great success. In 2019 we were able to move into a much larger space and expand our services to include a full kitchen and bar, allowing us to offer a truly unique blend of rentable and purchasable games, play space, gourmet coffee, tea, beer, liquor, and British pub fare such as fish and chips or bangers and mash.

    We have signature drinks like The Doctor, a breve cappuccino with honey and cocoa powder, as well as rotating monthly and seasonal specials for both the café and bar.  We regularly host both store-run and community driven events for various games, and also offer rooms for private events.  

    Check us out online at and visit us in person at 9012 Research Blvd in Austin!

    Patika was one of the first to enter the specialty coffee scene in Austin, serving espresso drinks from a tiny trailer in downtown Austin. In 2014, they found their brick and mortar home on South Lamar, remaking a 1940’s jewelry store into the cozy cafe that it is today. The owners, Andy Wigginton and Nick Krupa, have a love of old buildings and hidden gems. The name “Patika” comes from the Turkish word for “footpath” or “alley,” where some of the first coffee houses in the world began. 

    True to its namesake, Patika is a discreet place to escape the bustle of South Lamar. With beautiful sandstone siding, cement floors, skylights, and a shaded back patio, Patika is beloved by regulars for its peaceful and soothing atmosphere. As a queer-owned business, Patika welcomes people of all ages, colors, genders, pronouns and backgrounds. It has become an intimate gathering place for the South Austin community, attracting remote workers, foodies, friends, family, and coffee aficionados. 

    Although Patika got its start in specialty coffee, they quickly expanded into a bakery, and then a full-stop breakfast and lunch cafe. The pastry case is stocked every morning with freshly-baked scones, muffins, cookies and savory biscuits, plus additional offerings on the weekends. The breakfast and lunch menu is a thoughtful balance of healthy-ish options (like the quinoa bowl) and more indulgent comfort foods (like the biscuits and gravy). On weekends, Patika transforms from a quiet coffee shop to a buzzy brunch cafe, offering guests table service, brunch cocktails, and a laptop-free atmosphere. 

    High-quality specialty coffee is still core to Patika. And in 2018, Patika co-founded Superthing Coffee Roasters, alongside two of their original baristas, Tony Smith and Kyle Smith. Superthing supplies all of the coffee Patika uses in the shop, and it’s also available for purchase at Patika and online.

    2159 South Lamar Blvd,

    Austin, TX 78704

    Guests can enjoy fresh pastries, sandwiches, coffee and more from Cookbook Café located in the Austin Central Library. Cookbook is also proud to showcase a special collection of over 500 cookbooks, formerly belonging to the late Austin Chronicle food editor, critic and champion of Austin food culture, Virginia B. Wood.

    Cookbook is open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday

    710 W Cesar Chavez St


    TX 78701

    Revival Coffee is the latest brainchild from Gabriela Bucio, a successful restauranteur, proud Latina, and independent business owner based in Austin, Texas. 

    Revival Coffee was first opened as a coffee shop and cafe in 2018, although the space was later purchased by Gabriela after the shop fell into financial hardships. As a longtime customer, Gabriela felt called to rescue her beloved local coffee shop and that passion ultimately allowed her to receive the blessing of its original owner.

    After a major overhaul of the space featuring the all-pink design that Gabriela has become known for with other projects including Gabriela’s and Taquero Mucho, the new Revival team looks forward to continue serving local residents for years to come. Visit to learn more!

    Revival Coffee is a proud member of the Gabriela’s Group, a Latin-owned-and-operated restaurant management, music promotions, and design group based in Austin. Founded in 2018 by siblings and Michoacán natives Gabriela and Arturo Bucio, the organization oversees restaurants, bars, nightclubs, music clubs, and other projects across Central Texas including Gabriela’s, Taquero Mucho, Mala Vida, Mala Santa, Revival Coffee, and Seareinas.

    1405 E 7th St


    TX 78702

    Flitch Coffee operates out of a remodeled 1952 Spartan Manor trailer. A "flitch" is a slab of wood cut from a log, and many of the materials used in the buildout of the trailer are made from flitches and repurposed materials. Flitch serves delicious coffee from local roasters, cares about community engagement, and is also a pup-friendly and kid-friendly spot. Stop by!

    641 Tillery St


    TX 78702

    Ani’s Day & Night is a community-oriented watering hole for neighbors old and new, regulars and visitors, and beverage drinkers of all kinds. We pride ourselves on our welcoming environment as well as our commitment to excellent hospitality. Ani’s is named for Aniceta Limon, the mother of our landlord Freddy Fernandez, who grew up on the beautiful 1930s Victorian farmhouse where we are located.

    Whether Ani’s is a part of your daily commute where you swing through in the morning to enjoy one of our many café selections, or we are where you commute to, so you have a comfortable space to work from–we’ve got you covered. We serve Greater Goods coffee beans for all our espresso-based beverages, which can be made with dairy, alternative milks, or Fronks Nut Milks. Our new fall and winter menu even features the “Well Latte Da” which is made with matcha, honey infused with orange and turmeric, and Fronks Golden Milk.

    There are a variety of food trucks as well if you’re hungry, or we have an amazing assortment of grab-and-go pastries from Potadough Donuts, Zucchini Kill, Texas French Bread and Olive + Aries. If you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph, we have a list of hand-crafted coffee cocktails, or coff-tails if you will. Featuring such favorites as the “Brewed Awakening” which is made with Greater Goods Cold Brew, Amaras Mezcal, Ancho Reyes, One Farm Mushroom Cacao, and dark chocolate cocoa. From ingredients to the guest’s experience, our top priority is quality.

    We hope to see you soon for coffee and cocktails at:

    Ani’s Day & Night

    7107 E. Riverside Dr

    Austin, Texas 78741


    We're a coffee shop that's seen a lot of the developing coffee scene over the years.  We opened in 2006, so have been in the game 15 years.  We were actually the second Third Wave coffee shop in Austin, after Medici.  Now that style is prevalent nearly everywhere.  One thing that's never changed about Thunderbird is our deep roots in the community.  I love that we're a real business in a real neighborhood.  Through the increased digitization of our world and now a global pandemic, Thunderbird has remained a place where our neighbors can come and interact while enjoying great coffee.  It's human and it's joyful and there's something unchanging about it in a world full of change.  

    2200 Manor Road

    Austin, TX 78722

    Spokesman Coffee started in 2016, roasting single origin specialty coffee, right in the heart of South Austin. Opening our cafe doors, in 2017 with a 20 tap draft wall, that includes cold brew coffee, kombucha, carbonated Gatorade (YES, It is awesome!), and some of the best craft beer there is to offer. Spokesman is, and has always been, community driven. We take great pride in the art and culture of our neighborhoods and strive to give back by hosting events that contribute to local organizations, artists, and communities. 

    We opened two new locations in the north Austin neighborhoods of Highland and Metric in 2020 and 2021, respectively, to help spread our love of culture and coffee as far as we can. We continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing world around us, while staying true to ourselves and our original principles.

    Spokesman – SOUTH

    440 E. St. Elmo Rd. A-2

    Austin, TX, 78745

    Spokesman – HIGHLAND

    6015 Dillard Cir Unit B 

    Austin, TX 78752

    Spokesman – METRIC

    10609 Metric Blvd #108 Austin, TX 78758

    Epicerie is a picture perfect neighborhood spot that serves up some amazing coffee. Enjoy the best croissants in Austin with whatever style of coffee your heart desires. Épicerie opens mid-morning for brunch style cuisine and rolls into dinner with French-Louisiana style menu and cocktails to match. Head in for coffee and snacks or dinner and espresso martinis! 

    The Hideout Coffee House is downtown Austin’s oldest independent coffee house. Since its opening in 1999, the Hideout has been providing Austinites with energizing espresso drinks by day and relaxing beer and wine by night.

    The Hideout Coffee House uses beans from local Austin coffee roaster Barrett’s Coffee and sources pastries from local Austin bakeries. The Hideout has a large, light-filled indoor seating area and an outdoor seating area with an amazing view of Downtown Austin.

    617 Congress Ave


    TX 78701

    Michael and Alison Vaclav opened the first Medici cafe in the heart of Clarksville in 2006. Since then, they’ve opened eight more cafes around Austin, each one with its own unique atmosphere.

    Since day one, Medici has focused on building relationships with the customers that frequent their shops through providing memorable coffee and unforgettable hospitality. The result has been wonderful; each cafe now reflects the communities they reside in.

    Connections and relationships flourish in these safe environments, where customers can be themselves with no apologies. While we strive to provide the perfect coffee, we're most proud of the communities we've had the privilege to serve and bring together. So if you're in the area, stop in! We'd love to make you feel at home.

    Be Included

    If you would like to nominate a cafe to be included or you yourself are a coffee shop or roasters based in Austin then please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

    This is an ever growing list and we’re always looking for more great cafes to add.

    How we select the choices

    We are a small organisation with specific opinions, who are we to say what coffee is better? So we take to reddit where people endlessly discuss which coffee shop is the best.

    This starts off the list and then more coffee shops can be added over time with a voting system so that the absolute best get voted to the top by locals and visitors to the area alike.

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