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    10 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes In Dallas – As Recommended by Locals

    by Kieran | Last Updated: June 1, 2022

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    Whether you’re living in Dallas or just passing through you’ll want to get a great coffee while you’re there.

    This is why we created this list of the best coffee shops in Dallas as voted for by you. Read through, try one out, and if you liked it come back and vote for it so other people can try it too!

    Opening Bell Coffee in the basement of the old Sears Building, South Side on Lamar, has been around almost 20 years! Since its inception, it has focused on exceptional coffee, great customer service, and the best live music in Dallas. With a passion for supporting artists and local vendors, Opening Bell has grown into the calm, creative coffee house staple of Dallas. 

    1409 Botham Jean Blvd

    Dallas, TX 75215

    The Berni Bean is a coffee company that was created with the purpose of “coffee with care”. Our family (the Co-founders family Stefano and Giuliana Bernini) has been in the coffee industry for over 200+ years. They have always been devoted to producing high end coffee but had never sold it as their own brand. In 2020 Giuliana and Stefano (siblings) decided to bring their own brand of coffee to the USA together, creating a lifestyle movement, with a purpose to save the rainforest. 

    Giuliana and Stefano outsource from different micro-lots specialty coffee all over Costa Rica. Right now they have coffee from Perez Zeledón, Heredia, Tarrazú and more. They have their original shop (retail store) in downtown Dallas and will be expanding this year to other locations! We are proud to serve a high quality product and to promote not only our coffee but our country, since tourism is the main source of income in our country. 

    Stop by at the Berni Bean for an espresso, a pour over or just to meet us! Cheers!

    Here at The Salty, we pride ourselves in providing a unique coffee program which meets all of the specialty coffee standards. From quality sourced beans found by our partners over at Intelligentsia, to the finest equipment and training; we strive to ensure our coffee experience is above the rest.

    When it comes to curating a beverage menu, our coffee program is not different than our donut menu. All of our flavored beverages are crafted in-house using only the finest, homemade ingredients. Inclusivity for our customers is important to us which is why all of our customers are offered the best barista alternative milks such as Oat, and Almond in addition to Whole Milk.

    We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring bright, flavorful drinks to our menus. Be it through our seasonal or one-day holiday launches, stay tuned throughout the year for new announcements!

    414 W Davis St

    Dallas, TX 75208


    Tiki Loco is a dreamy vegan hotspot made reality by Audra Cabral and Oliver Peck. Located in the heart of Deep Ellum, a historic arts and music district in Dallas.  As you enter you are welcomed with bursts of color and no shortage of artwork by a multitude of artists and mediums.  We serve coffee and espresso-based drinks made with locally roasted beans from White Rock Coffee. Everything in house is 100% vegan and is sure to leave you buzzing and satisfied no matter your dietary preference or need.

    Tiki Loco also serves smoothies, pastries, and a wide variety of food. Kitchen pop-ups, art shows, and many other events happen throughout the year. Come stop by and see how we can serve you!

    You can follow us for the latest updates on Instagram: @tikilocodeepellum

    2639 Elm St. STE. #100
    Dallas, Texas 75226

    Friday-Tuesday 10:00 AM-10:00 PM

    White Rhino Coffee is a rare breed of coffee shop—one that delivers exceptional craft coffee and scratch eats, while creating community around coffee. 

    White Rhino first opened its doors in 2007 in Cedar Hill as a passion project for local attorney, Chris Parvin. From day one, Chris wanted to create a space where people could connect with their neighbors over a cup of coffee.   

    Chris insists that “White Rhino isn’t in the coffee business. We are in the people business. We use coffee to connect people and make our communities better!” 

    Today, White Rhino has 8 locations across the metroplex—including 3 shops in Dallas (Uptown, Bishop Arts, and Downtown inside The National). Each of
     these shops was thoughtfully created to cater to the community it resides in. For example, the Uptown location offers a full kitchen with the most delicious breakfast and brunch menu available until 2pm every day, while the Downtown location focuses on efficiency and convenience with quick bites available all day, and mobile ordering for local employees and tourists. 

    White Rhino strives to give a meaningful and memorable experience to each and every customer, and to give back to the communities where the shops are located.  In Dallas, you’ll often find White Rhino supporting causes that benefit the homeless, the hungry, and kids most in need.   

    While the focus is on community, the craft coffee and scratch eats don’t disappoint.  The thoughtfulness put into each recipe, and the intentionality the employees put into making every delicious cup of coffee and tea is evident to all who walk through White Rhino’s doors.   

    White Rhino Coffee lovers are also anxiously awaiting the opening of the White Rhino Coffee Roastery, which is slated to open in June 2022. 

    Stop by and experience this different breed of coffee shop for yourself! You’ll be happy you did! 

    Our full list of locations can be found here.

    Overeasy, the retro-style diner and coffee shop located inside The Statler in downtown Dallas, is the place to kick back while you get your morning started over a nice, hot breakfast, fresh pastries and barista-style coffees. You can also refuel there throughout the day, as Overeasy is open from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., with lunch service starting at 11. Breakfast fare is available at all hours. Fresh brews and hot, tasty foods make Overeasy an enjoyable, laid-back experience.

    Overeasy was the first restaurant in The Statler when it re-opened after major renovations in 2017. Its most popular dishes are the Short Rib Hash, a hearty dish of beef short ribs, roasted potatoes, onions, peppers and two sunny-side-up farm eggs that is served with toast; and the Avocado Toast, a healthy choice of nine-grain toast served with cherry tomatoes, Cotija cheese and cilantro.

    The restaurant also features a bar. The favored cocktail is the Mandarin Mimosa, a blend of orange juice, Mandarine Napoleon and Ruffino Prosecco.

    A warm welcome, inviting feel and relaxed vibe allow Overeasy’s guests to slow down and just enjoy the moment. As is written on the restaurant’s napkins, “You can never have too much happy.”

    1914 Commerce Street
    Dallas, TX 75201

    Howdy to all Texan and visitors alike! If you haven’t heard of us yet, we have just celebrated our first year of operation, and what better way to help us celebrate than to come for your first time or for your thousandth time? Located in the center of The Village, we pride ourselves in serving top quality (not to mention fair trade and ethically sourced) coffee and tea brewed to perfection.  These tasty beverages are of course accompanied by freshly baked pastries brought to us by our fantastic in-house culinary department.  

    What really makes our place so special is that we strive to be overachievers in providing a safe space for those to find comfort, build genuine relationships, and of course, providing delicious coffee! Here at Buzz & Bustle you’ll find a dynamic blend of people, from our staff to our patrons. 

    Buzz and Bustle welcome anyone and everyone to feel the buzz and join the bustle! 


    5670 Village Glen Dr 

    Suite 110

    Dallas TX 75206

    Open: 6-6 Daily 

    Welcome to Window Seat Coffee!

    We are a coffee shop and roaster located in Dallas, Texas. We offer craft drinks to our customers in Dallas, and provide roasted coffee to our customers all across the USA via our website.

    The idea for Window Seat was actually born in the cubicles of public accounting. It was during this time in our life, working desk jobs, that we dreamed of a fresh start and a new adventure. One day, while out on our daily coffee run, it hit us: getting out of the office and taking even a small break was all we needed to power through our day. We wanted to make that simple, yet relatable, feeling the spirit of our new business. Whether on a quick coffee run, away with the family at the lake, or on an epic trip around the world, we have all experienced the energizing feeling of getting away from it all.

    But why a coffee shop? Why not start a travel company? Or become a pilot? Or open Window Seat Ice Cream? Because we love coffee!

    We are truly passionate about all things coffee. It’s why we roast our coffee in house, utilizing computer software to track and analyze each batch. It’s why we recommend brewing coffee with an extraction rate between 18 and 22%, consistent with the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. It’s why we offer flight boxes for our customers to sample and find their favorite bean.

    Now that you have found us, we hope our simple idea can inspire you to get away, even if just for a brief time. We also hope you can try our coffee either by visiting our website or by visiting us in person at:

    3018 Greenville Ave,

    Dallas, TX 75206.

    El Porton's co-founder's Husband and wife duo Isabel and Bruno began there coffee journey spending time with family members who were coffee producers in El Salvador, a place well known for it's amazing coffee culture

    It was after a few years of living in Italy absorbing business knowledge, barista skills, and having their coffee world open by not only experimenting Italian coffee culture but also coffee from across the world that they decided to take the leap of faith believing in God’s direction and convert the concept into a business plan which lead to El Porton.

    El Porton which means “big gate” is a reference to the gates that normally you can find at the entrance of coffee farms. It is a reference to open the pathway to innovators and trailblazers coffee producers, different ways to experience coffee, and ways to impact society. 

    In this modern representation of a coffee farm, you will be able to find culturally inspired recipes, quality selected coffee, small-batch single-origin loose tea, and of course a selection of French and Latin bakery (including a variety of yummy empanadas!) that makes the perfect companions for a great cup of coffee or tea. You can also reserve their meeting room (max. 6 persons) for a delicious change of scenery.

    Isabel and Bruno are not only grateful for God’s blessing of what has become their new home but also for the daily connections that they make with El Porton’s guests. You can find them and their staff graciously talking about coffee and eagerly learning from guests’ coffee habits.

    Come on in “El Porton” (the gate) is open!

    9540 Garland Road suite 401 75218 Dallas Texas (Casa Linda Shopping Center).

    The Aussie Grind is a cafe and lifestyle brand from a couple of Australian expats that wanted to bring the Aussie food and dining culture to Texas.

    We’re a full service establishment open 7 days a week serving your favourites from avo smash and fish and chips, to flat whites, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, we do it all on the spot in the friendly way that the Aussie cafe scene has become notorious for. 

    We bake our pastries fresh in house without all the artificial Color’s, flavors or preservatives, we also make all our spreads, jams and preserves in house too.

    We have been lucky enough to partner with the legends at Full City Rooster in Dallas who supply us with their amazing Guatemalan bean as our house blend. 

    Hope to see you soon!

    Be Included

    If you would like to nominate a cafe to be included or you yourself are a coffee shop or roasters based in Dallas then please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

    This is an ever growing list and we’re always looking for more great cafes to add.

    How we select the choices

    We are a small organisation with specific opinions, who are we to say what coffee is better? So we take to reddit where people endlessly discuss which coffee shop is the best.

    This starts off the list and then more coffee shops can be added over time with a voting system so that the absolute best get voted to the top by locals and visitors to the area alike.

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