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The History of Coffee – A Complete Guide Through Time

Do you love coffee? Same here! Scott here! Kieran and I are two massive coffee fans. With the aim of figuring out how to make the perfect cup of bean juice ...

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  1. Hi Paul!
    You’re right, there is a big space above the max line.

    In my experience, I have run the grinder with beans filled well above the line and found it smashes them all up no problem at all. Although I do tend to only put the amount of beans I’m going to use in and grind until it’s empty.

    My best guess here is that it filling it above the max line could maybe cause the weight of the beans to press them together and not fall into burrs properly. This would probably more likely happen if lots of beans were loaded in and allowed to settle and pack together over time. Maybe the oils would even stick them together.

    Just a guess though. I suppose we would need to find a designer at Krups and ask to find out for certain.

    Still, I’ve found no problem with just loading it up and hitting go!

Above Average Coffee
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