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    A Local Connoisseur’s Guide to the Top Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

    by Justin | Last Updated: May 17, 2023

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    Discover the best Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY with our comprehensive guide.

    A Local Connoisseur’s Guide to the Top Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

    RankingCoffee Roaster NameRating
    1Union Place Coffee Roasters4.9
    2New City Cafe & Roastery4.8
    3Canaltown Coffee Roasters4.7
    4Ugly Duck Coffee4.7
    5Equal Grounds4.7
    6Java’s Cafe4.7
    7Cafe Sasso4.7
    8Fuego Coffee Roasters4.6
    9Joe Bean Roasters4.6
    10Coffee Connection4.6

    In order to provide comprehensive reviews, we have thoroughly analyzed data from the roasters’ website, articles, and social media posts. Further, we can aggregated and summarized, using quote snippets, left by actual customers of the roaster.  Finally, we have included resource reference links to those reviews in a location map if you are looking for more complete information.  We hope you find this valuable in your search for the best coffee roasters in your area.

    Summary review: Union Place Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

    Imagine wandering through the streets of Rochester, NY, stumbling upon a hidden gem that makes your heart race faster than a caffeinated hummingbird. That’s precisely what you’ll experience when you step into Union Place Coffee Roasters, the coffee connoisseur’s paradise.

    At Union Place Coffee Roasters, the aroma of roasting beans wraps around you like a velvety blanket, enveloping you in a world of taste sensations. The walls of this temple to coffee are lined with bags of freshly roasted beans, each lovingly labeled with whimsical names and flavor notes.

    The coffee here is nothing short of life-changing. Their Snickerdoodle Decaf sings with notes of cinnamon and sugar, while the Bananas Foster offers a fruity explosion that will make you question everything you thought you knew about coffee. And, of course, there’s their selection of single-origin coffees, each with a unique flavor profile that tells the story of its origin.

    Ready to place your order? Simply visit Union Place Coffee Roasters and prepare for a coffee adventure like no other.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Union Place Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

    If Union Place Coffee Roasters were a Broadway show, it would be a standing ovation-worthy performance. And if it were a book, it would be a bestseller. The reviews are unanimous: Union Place Coffee Roasters is a must-visit destination for coffee enthusiasts.

    One reviewer raves about the in-house roasting and flavorings, claiming that the staff is genuinely passionate about helping customers find their perfect cup. Another customer, who owns an espresso machine, believes this place to be the ultimate coffee destination for those who live nearby. They praise the freshness of the beans and the friendly atmosphere.

    A third reviewer, who received Union Place coffee as a Christmas gift, fell in love with the Snickerdoodle Decaf and Bananas Foster flavors. They also appreciate that they can drink this coffee black, without needing to add any creamer or sweeteners.

    A long-time customer applauds Union Place for its excellent selection of flavored and traditional roasts, along with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Finally, another customer, who doesn’t live nearby, claims that the quality of the coffee and the exceptional service make the drive more than worth it.

    It’s clear that Union Place Coffee Roasters has captured the hearts of coffee lovers across Rochester and beyond. With a perfect blend of quality, consistency, and passion, it’s no wonder this local treasure has become a must-visit destination for those who appreciate a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

    Summary review: New City Cafe & Roastery in Rochester, NY

    New City Cafe & Roastery, a Rochester gem, has a knack for creating coffee so bewitching that it could charm the socks off a caffeine-skeptic. This cozy nook of caffeinated delights offers a wide array of expertly roasted beans, including the scrumptious creations of local Black Owned Coffee Roaster “Bold & Gritty.”

    Entering the cafe feels like walking into the pages of a whimsical novel where the hero is a humble coffee bean. From the warm, inviting atmosphere to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that envelops you like a cashmere blanket, it’s easy to see why this cafe is a local favorite.

    To experience the magic of New City Cafe & Roastery, head over to their website and order their delightful coffee: New City Cafe & Roastery. The fan-favorite Guatemala blend has garnered rave reviews, while the vegan breakfast sandwich is touted as the best in town.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for New City Cafe & Roastery in Rochester, NY

    New City Cafe & Roastery’s reviews read like a symphony of satisfaction, each glowing testament a crescendo in the overture of praise. One patron adored the pumpkin spice coffee and the breakfast bagel sandwich, which they described as having “so much yummy cheese on it and was melted just right!”

    Another reviewer, enchanted by the gingerbread latte, boldly declared it to be “better than the one Starbucks used to have!” The staff’s friendliness and attentiveness are also often highlighted, painting a picture of a cafe that puts customer experience above all else.

    The cafe’s interior is praised for its beauty, with one reviewer gushing about the “beautiful interior” and “lots of extra seating.” Another long-time customer, who first visited in 2018, lauds the cafe’s commitment to excellence and its support of the community.

    With an impressive average rating of 5 stars, it’s clear that New City Cafe & Roastery has captured the hearts of coffee lovers in Rochester. The scrumptious food, delightful ambiance, and friendly staff make it a must-visit destination for coffee aficionados and casual sippers alike.

    Summary review: Canaltown Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

    As a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and Rochester native, I’ve had my fair share of brews, but Canaltown Coffee Roasters has always held a special place in my caffeine-addled heart. With over 31 years of roasting experience, it’s no wonder that Canaltown has become a beloved staple in our city’s coffee scene.

    Canaltown Coffee Roasters embodies the charm and history of Rochester while simultaneously serving up some of the finest coffee in town. The unassuming exterior belies the rich aroma of freshly roasted beans that greet you upon entering, akin to walking into a cozy, coffee-scented hug.

    To order your own piece of caffeinated heaven, visit their website at Canaltown Coffee Roasters. Customer favorites include their signature blend, “Rochester’s Choice,” and the organic Peruvian roast, which some adventurous souls mix half-and-half with the French roast for a delightful concoction.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Canaltown Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

    The reviews for Canaltown Coffee Roasters paint a vivid picture of a beloved local institution. With an average rating of 4.6, it’s clear that this hidden gem has captured the hearts of Rochester’s coffee enthusiasts. Many reviewers commend the friendly owner who shares his knowledge and passion for coffee with patrons, often regaling them with tales of his travels to coffee growers’ estates.

    One reviewer raves about their favorite blend, the organic Peruvian, and even includes a photo of their delightful creation: a mix of regular and French roast. Another reviewer, an Italian coffee aficionado, claims that Canaltown serves the best coffee and cappuccino in town, and that their dark roast is a staple in their espresso-making ritual at home.

    While one reviewer found their latte to be less sweet than preferred, the overall consensus is that Canaltown Coffee Roasters is a must-visit for anyone who values fresh-roasted coffee beans, excellent service, and a cozy atmosphere that is reminiscent of a simpler time.

    In summary, Canaltown Coffee Roasters offers an unparalleled coffee experience, steeped in history and brimming with passion for the craft. As you sip your perfectly roasted brew, you’ll find yourself enveloped in a warm embrace that only a true coffee lover’s haven can provide.

    Summary review: Ugly Duck Coffee in Rochester, NY

    At Ugly Duck Coffee, the name may be deceiving, but the coffee is anything but. In the heart of Rochester, NY, this quirky coffee roaster is like an unassuming, slightly rumpled package that opens to reveal a treasure trove of coffee delights.

    Step into the world of Ugly Duck Coffee, and you’ll find yourself enveloped by the scent of roasting beans and the warm atmosphere of a place that’s become a haven for coffee aficionados. It’s like stumbling upon a secret garden where the flowers are coffee beans and the gardener is a skilled barista.

    Ordering from Ugly Duck Coffee is as easy as pie, or should we say, as easy as a warm, frothy latte: Ugly Duck Coffee. Customer favorites include the Coffee Slush and The Snug, for those who prefer their coffee a bit less sweet and with a deep, dark flavor.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Ugly Duck Coffee in Rochester, NY

    Diving into the reviews for Ugly Duck Coffee is like taking a plunge into a pool of warmth and praise. With an overwhelming positive reception, it’s clear that this coffee roaster is anything but ugly in the eyes of its loyal patrons.

    One reviewer, who found their hot vanilla latte “super good,” compliments the friendly staff and the comfortable atmosphere. Another enthusiastic patron raves about the Coffee Slush, declaring, “you won’t regret it.” The Snug also gets high praise for its rich flavor and subtle sweetness.

    A first-time visitor to Ugly Duck Coffee discovered that their caramel mocha tasted just like a Milky Way candy bar, and the friendly staff made them feel right at home. Yet another reviewer is enamored with the creative flavor combinations of Ugly Duck’s lattes, especially the Spanish Harlem and the spicy mocha.

    From these glowing reviews, it’s evident that Ugly Duck Coffee has captured the hearts of its patrons with not just great coffee, but also an inviting atmosphere and exceptional service. So, the next time you’re in Rochester, NY, be sure to drop by this beloved coffee roaster and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

    Summary review: Equal Grounds in Rochester, NY

    Equal Grounds, a beacon of warmth and camaraderie in Rochester, NY, is a coffee roaster that not only roasts their beans to perfection but also fosters an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance. Nestled in the heart of the South Wedge neighborhood, this coffee haven is a cherished spot for the local LGBTQ+ community and coffee aficionados alike.

    As you step into Equal Grounds, you’re greeted with a cozy and homey ambiance, where the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans playfully tangoes with the irresistible aroma of warm pastries. To order your favorite roast from Equal Grounds, simply visit Equal Grounds. Customer favorites include their rich and bold espresso blend, as well as the smooth and satisfying medium roast.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Equal Grounds in Rochester, NY

    Equal Grounds is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, as well as its delicious coffee and tasty treats. Reviewers gush about the staff’s warm demeanor, the delightful drinks, and the establishment’s significance as a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community. One reviewer shares their appreciation for the “cute changing password for the WiFi and the tip suggestions,” while another praises the iced latte and heated Danish as the perfect combination for a wonderful evening.

    The decor of Equal Grounds, though homey and inviting, could use some minor improvements according to a reviewer. Nevertheless, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, with patrons describing it as a “home away from home” and a place they try to visit almost every day.

    With an average rating of 4.8 stars, Equal Grounds stands tall as a coffee roaster that not only serves delectable brews but also fosters a strong sense of community and belonging. Whether you’re seeking a comforting cup of joe or a welcoming environment to relax and connect with others, Equal Grounds is a must-visit destination in Rochester, NY.

    Summary review: Java’s Cafe in Rochester, NY

    Java’s Cafe is the quintessential coffee house that combines the comfort of your grandmother’s living room with the hip vibe of a beatnik poetry slam. They serve up artisanal coffee with a side of bohemian flair, making it the ideal spot to enjoy a cup of joe and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

    Nestled in the heart of Rochester, near the Eastman School of Music, Java’s Cafe provides a caffeine-fueled oasis for students, artists, and coffee enthusiasts alike. With hours extending from 7am to 12am every day, Java’s accommodates even the most nocturnal of coffee drinkers. To order your own piece of Java’s magic, visit Java’s Cafe. Customer favorites include the creamy Flat White with Oatmilk and the exotic Aztec Mocha.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Java’s Cafe in Rochester, NY

    If Java’s Cafe were a book, it would be a dog-eared, underlined, and annotated classic, with notes scribbled in the margins by countless admirers. The reviews tell the tale of a coffee shop that is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee; it’s an experience. The ambiance is described as a delightful blend of cozy and eclectic, adorned with local art and offering plenty of space for studying or just relaxing.

    One reviewer gushes about the fantastic vibes and unique atmosphere, recommending the Flat White with Oatmilk. Another praises Java’s as their favorite coffee shop in Rochester, urging others to try the Aztec Mocha and enjoy the surrounding neighborhood. The coffee itself is a hit, with reviewers lauding the fact that Java’s roasts their own beans, creating an unparalleled flavor profile.

    And let’s not forget the desserts – Java’s offers a selection of scrumptious baked treats that perfectly complement their caffeinated creations. A longtime fan proclaims Java’s as their favorite coffee spot ever, having frequented the establishment for over 20 years.

    With a chorus of satisfied customers and an average rating of 5 stars, Java’s Cafe has secured its place as a must-visit coffee haven in Rochester, NY. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Java’s Cafe promises a memorable and gratifying coffee experience.

    Summary review: Cafe Sasso in Rochester, NY

    When it comes to the Rochester, NY coffee scene, Cafe Sasso is a true testament to the power of community, creativity, and quality coffee. This local gem offers a delightful haven for coffee enthusiasts to gather, work, or simply indulge in a cozy atmosphere with an exceptional cup of joe.

    Nestled in the heart of Rochester, Cafe Sasso is like discovering an art gallery where every piece on display is a masterpiece crafted from beans and steam. The moment you walk in, the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and delectable pastries warmly welcomes you.

    Ordering is a breeze: Cafe Sasso. Favorite roasts? Customers rave about their rich espresso and the velvety smoothness of their lattes. The chocolate hazelnut croissant is also a must-try treat that pairs perfectly with any drink on their extensive menu.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Cafe Sasso in Rochester, NY

    Cafe Sasso’s reviews sing a harmonious chorus of praise from satisfied customers who adore the quirky, artistic atmosphere and exceptional coffee. With an impressive average rating of 5 stars, it’s no wonder that this cafe is a beloved staple in the Rochester community.

    One reviewer lauds the “airy” space and “pretty large menu,” while another admires the “extraordinary atmosphere” filled with beautiful art. They also mention the impressive speed and quality of service, even during peak hours, and the ample seating options both indoors and outdoors.

    The “charming” ambiance and “friendly, quick, and efficient” staff receive glowing commendations, as does the “super clean” and “lavishly decorated” restroom. Cafe Sasso’s coffee is consistently regarded as some of the best in the area, with one reviewer stating, “the coffee is always worth the wait.”

    With its inviting environment, art-filled walls, and exceptional coffee, Cafe Sasso proves to be a haven for those seeking a true taste of Rochester’s coffee culture.

    Summary review: Fuego Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

    For caffeine enthusiasts on a quest for the perfect cup of Joe in Rochester, NY, the hunt can be as thrilling as finding a vintage treasure buried in a dusty attic. Fuego Coffee Roasters is one such treasure, with an exceptional dedication to roasting their beans as if they were crafting a fine piece of art.

    Nestled in the heart of downtown Rochester, Fuego Coffee Roasters serves up a tantalizing array of coffee and espresso drinks, each one a masterpiece in its own right. It’s not just a coffee shop, but a sanctuary where coffee aficionados can indulge in their passion.

    The moment you walk in, the alluring scent of roasting coffee beans wraps around you like a warm embrace. To order from this gem of a place, simply visit Fuego Coffee Roasters. Customer favorites include their mocha, peanut butter latte, and the endearing uncle latte.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Fuego Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

    Imagine if the essence of a café were a dance, Fuego Coffee Roasters would be a flawless ballet, performed on a stage where every pirouette is a sip of pure coffee bliss. The reviews for Fuego are a chorus of praise, each one harmonizing with the next in a melody of caffeine-fueled satisfaction.

    One reviewer raves about Fuego’s “outstanding coffee and espresso selection,” as well as their “creative drink menu.” They also mention the attention to detail, quality beans, healthy menu options, and great service. Another reviewer finds solace in the quiet atmosphere, a place where they can get some work done, all while enjoying the “delicious” cold brew and great music.

    Yet another reviewer describes Fuego as a “great 3rd wave coffee shop in Rochester NY,” with excellent cappuccino, espresso drinks, and tasty pastries. The atmosphere and friendly baristas also receive high praise. Other reviewers highlight the pumpkin pie latte and vegan Danish as mouthwatering delights.

    With an average rating of 5 stars, Fuego Coffee Roasters has undoubtedly captivated the hearts and taste buds of coffee lovers in Rochester, NY. Through their expertly crafted beverages, warm atmosphere, and top-notch service, Fuego has solidified its place as a local favorite in the Rochester coffee scene.

    Summary review: Joe Bean Roasters in Rochester, NY

    It’s time to journey into the realm of Joe Bean Roasters, a coffee lover’s paradise nestled in the heart of Rochester, NY. Like stumbling upon a hidden treasure in your favorite thrift store, Joe Bean Roasters is a delightful surprise that promises to elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

    Joe Bean is more than just a coffee roaster; it’s a veritable coffee laboratory where beans are transformed into liquid gold. As you step inside, you’re greeted by the symphony of roasting, brewing, and the aroma of freshly ground beans.

    To order your favorite roast or learn more, simply visit Joe Bean Roasters. A few of the customer favorites include their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the Guatemalan Huehuetenango. But don’t let that limit you, as each roast is a testament to their passion for quality and flavor.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Joe Bean Roasters in Rochester, NY

    Joe Bean Roasters is the embodiment of a true coffee connoisseur’s dream. A collection of reviews paint a picture of not just a business, but a coffee haven where quality is king and each cup is a lovingly crafted work of art.

    One reviewer, who runs an espresso machine at home, raves about the freshness and excellence of the beans, hinting at the possibility of starting a subscription with Joe Bean. They do, however, wish the roaster was open on weekends.

    Another reviewer, from four years back, is a fan of the coffee but advises against ordering from the breakfast menu. They love the service, the staff, and the chocolate sample, but the breakfast items were not up to par.

    A long-time fan of Joe Bean appreciates the new, open, casual, and inviting space, along with the coffee roasting and brewing process on display. They describe the espresso as having bright and acidic notes.

    One customer, who visited six months ago, finds the shop to be more commercial, with a small section to order coffee and no seating. They also mention the absence of sweeteners and the employee’s unfriendly demeanor. However, they did enjoy the well-balanced and rounded latte.

    Lastly, a coffee enthusiast highly recommends Joe Bean Roasters for its great beans and knowledgeable employees. They note that the shop is more focused on roasting and coffee equipment, with a limited selection of drinks available.

    Overall, Joe Bean Roasters in Rochester, NY is a must-visit for coffee aficionados who appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and the art of coffee roasting.

    Summary review: Coffee Connection in Rochester, NY

    Ah, Coffee Connection – where caffeine meets compassion in the heart of Rochester, NY. A lovely, community-oriented coffee shop that’s as cozy as your favorite sweater, and as warm and inviting as a hug from an old friend. A true treasure chest for coffee aficionados.

    Nestled in Rochester’s bustling cityscape, Coffee Connection is a shining beacon for those seeking a delicious cup of coffee brewed with love and purpose. To order your own cup of delight, simply visit their website at Coffee Connection.

    Customer favorites include the rich and creamy cold brew, as well as their scrumptious quiches, which pair beautifully with a steaming mug of fair-trade, freshly-roasted coffee.

    Our Take: Summarized Reviews for Coffee Connection in Rochester, NY

    In the spirit of David Sedaris, let us dive into a world where coffee is not just a beverage, but an experience to be savored. The reviews for Coffee Connection are overwhelmingly positive, with an overarching theme of community support, exceptional service, and, of course, the irresistible aroma of freshly-brewed coffee.

    One reviewer sings the praises of a “fantastic quiche and cold brew” served during a community-based concert, while another lauds the “really good cold brew and strawberry smoothie” and the “friendly and quick service.” Coffee Connection’s mission of sustainability, fair trade, and women’s empowerment resonates with customers who appreciate the shop’s purpose-driven approach.

    Kelly, an employee at Coffee Connection, receives a special mention from a reviewer who writes, “I stopped in to see what it was all about and I met the nicest lady named Kelly I hope to see again! You don’t find people like her anymore, let alone the time I’ve been alive, soooooo if you see this thank you Kelly!!”

    Another review highlights the “many, many options for coffee, all with a great taste!” and the unique Peruvian items available for purchase. The non-profit mission to support women in recovery or those who are unemployed is also praised, making Coffee Connection a coffee shop with a heart.

    In summary, Coffee Connection boasts an average rating of 5 stars, and it’s clear that their commitment to quality, community, and empowering women sets them apart in the Rochester coffee scene. So, grab a cup, sit back, and savor the experience that is Coffee Connection.

    Wrapped in a dreamlike haze, the enigmatic coffee aficionado, Justin, roams the labyrinthine alleyways of the caffeinated world. Amidst the swirling darkness and flickering neon signs, he seeks the elusive, transcendent flavors that lie hidden in the shadowy corners of the coffee bean's soul.